Sunday, 19 January 2014

What It Means to Re-Purpose!

I recently did a hutch that I posted on here and on my Facebook page, that was not part of a set (as the buffet had sold separately). I knew that the hutch had value in and of itself, but I admit I was having a hard time picturing a different use for it...

Shortly after it was listed I got an email from a local buyer who had been looking for just the hutch portion, as she wanted to use this as a TV console. I thought this was a GREAT idea, and a wonderful way to give this piece new life.

Here is what it looks like in its new home:

Even though I thought I had a handle of what it meant to re-purpose old furniture, this buyer really reminded me how "ugly" pieces can be given a completely different purpose while still maintaining their charm.

I get so excited about this kind of thing - personally, my favourite things to paint are pieces that look awful and that no one thinks have any value left. There is something very therapeutic to taking something headed for the dump and transform it into something that people are eager to put on display in their homes. Not only does these ease up on the junk in our landfills, but it also gives people an opportunity to purchase something that is unique and one-of-a-kind. Not to mention the older furniture items are usually better made than what you buy now anyways!

Thanks to this buyer I now have another "hutch project" sitting downstairs ready to be made into another really cool console.

Finding new inspiration everyday,


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