Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Chalk Painting Isn't Just For Furniture - How to Upcycle Your Decor

I apologize, I have been super busy and haven't posted in a while, tsk tsk...

I have been working on some larger projects, but sometimes, to give me a "breath of fresh air" I will whip out a smaller piece and start working on that in between coats; allows me to feel like I am making some progress that day, since larger pieces can sometimes feel that you work all day but are running in place!

This antique mirror I found in an elderly lady's house as she was preparing to move into a retirement community...she said this mirror was worth nothing to her, and had just been "something to hang on the wall" since before 1950! I knew the mirror itself wasn't worth too much, as it was made of a harder plastic (not a wood frame) but the design was GORGEOUS! I fell in love right away and gladly took it off her hands!

I don't have a picture of the original finish, but it was a faux brass kind of colour. Not so pretty! I coated the entire mirror in two layers of light grey chalk paint, allowed to dry completely - wiped with vaseline in all the raised areas, then brushed powder blue over top. Once the blue was dry I gently rubbed off the areas where the vaseline had been. Finished off with a coat of matte polycrylic and the beauty is ready to go!
Sold in a few hours - it was a hit!

Similarly, I found this old brass lamp online for cheap and I was inspired to try and fix it up a little! When I picked it up they handed me a half-warped shade (which I chucked right into the trash), so I had to go out and purchase another large shade (which I found at Value Village for $4!). This time I painted the blue first, then the grey and distressed. The shade is covered with a shimmery grey fabric and adorned with burlap and fabric rosettes. The cream fabric rosette is made from the original fabric that I ripped off the shade - waste not, want not, right?!
This also sold within a few hours...love this piece!

All in all, the "decor projects" were a success, much more to come!!

Thanks everyone for reading!



  1. Where do you find matte polycrylic I can only find satin?

  2. Rona sells a brand called Saman and they have a "matte" poly on the shelf, and you can also order "dead flat" if you like :)