Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of our most frequently asked questions (and answers!) below:

Do you have a store location?

Yes and no! We have a commercial studio space, which is open for viewings and visits by appointment. We work out of this location at 45 Broadway St in Welland on a full-time basis, and it is constantly very messy! For your safety especially, we like to be aware of when visitors are coming in to be sure we don't have anything laying about that would be dangerous to "walk-ins"

What are your hours?

We do not have regular business hours for the public, as we are by appointment, however, we work out of the studio from Monday - Friday 10 am to 4 pm (generally speaking). We do head out during the day for pick ups/deliveries and may not always be in the studio during those times.

What is the best way to contact you?

The absolute best way to contact us is via our Facebook page at (private message us)

You are welcome to call the number listed on our page, however, we may not be able to answer right away as we usually have a lot of noise going on and can't hear the ringer! We return messages and calls within 24 hours as a general rule.

Do you have a listing of pieces for sale?

We do not currently have a way of listing our inventory as we are blessed to be able to turn over pieces fairly quickly (on average within 24-48 hours). This means that we would not be able to keep up with a separate listing for our pieces, other than on our Facebook page (which we do currently).

New listings occur during the week around 7pm, and preview pictures will be posted during the day so clients are aware of the listings coming up that evening. If we have remaining pieces for sale we will re-share them on our Facebook page.
For details on how to purchase and make payment, please see our STORE POLICIES

What kind of payment do you accept?

Preferred methods are Interac E-transfer, cash, credit card, or PayPal. Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques. We also require a 50% deposit to hold any item.

Do you do custom work if I have a piece that I want painted?

Unfortunately we are not accepting custom orders at this time - we are happy to recommend checking out our furniture painters network, which is filled with reputable and experienced painters from all over the province. Many of them offer custom orders. Please check out their Facebook page to browse the painters:

What kind of paint do you use?

We do not use any line of gourmet chalk paint as we find it very overrated! Generally we mix our own paint using Benjamin Moore quality latex paints with our calcium or gesso additives - or we use the latex over primer. We also do not use wax - 99% of our pieces receive polyurethane as the top coat (details for each piece will be listed on the specific ad). Polyurethane is the most durable top coat currently available.

Do you offer workshops?

Yes we do! We offer a variety of painting and home decor workshops every month. We also have a selection of online workshop videos coming available.
In our workshops we discuss how to mix your own chalk paint at home, apply, distress, and top coat.
A listing of events is on our Facebook page - to receive direct info about new classes as they are scheduled, please join our workshop email list by sending an email with "Add" as the subject line, to

Where do you find your stuff?

Most popular question! Honestly - everywhere!! People message us, we search online, we stop at estate sales, we buy from antique dealers...anywhere we can find cool stuff! We do spend a lot of time searching for just the right pieces.

Do you deliver?

We can offer local delivery in certain cases (for a nominal fee). Please contact regarding a specific piece if you are interested in delivery.

Do you offer upholstery services?

Jenn is the upholsterer extraordinaire, however, she is not able to take custom orders at this time. We are happy to recommend Antweaked in Fonthill for all your upholstery needs :)

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