Thursday, 16 January 2014

Painting Furniture is Like a Box of Chocolates... never know what you're going to get!
Tacky quote, but oh so true!

Every time I start a piece, I plan my colour scheme and my basic distressing technique. After that, it is out of my control (well, not REALLY but the end product is never the same twice!). Some people might hate this way of working, but I LOVE it - the variety is amazing. For example, I have painted probably 4 pieces in the same colours of grey and black, but yet they all look a little different. This is exciting yet scary all at the same time if I am trying to match something!

My latest project has been this stereo cabinet:

This 1975 beauty needed some severe updating! I was looking for a vintage stereo for a while, so I was super excited to find this piece.

There is a client that has requested this cabinet in grey with a black wash. This time, I tried to do the base coat with a cream chalk paint wash just to see. The wash looked really look but unfortunately in order to get the right charcoal grey when I applied the black wash, I had to make it more solid.

I loved this piece for it's molding on the front because I knew that it would add some definite interest when highlighted just right. After many (many) coats of washes, I ended up with the final product (really I just had to walk away at this point because every time I tried to touch something up I ended up re-painted the whole thing!).

This is what I have still needs paste wax (which will deepen the colours and shine it up) and possibly a few minor touch ups here and there. I'm really happy with it though!

I just received two large orders, so now off to those!

Thanks for reading!


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