Tuesday, 10 December 2013

So What IS Chalk Paint Anyways??

Since I hadn't heard much of chalk paint prior to using it myself, it seems like a lot of people are still unfamiliar with what it is and how to use it. 

Chalk paint is NOT chalkboard paint, so please don't be confused! Chalkboard paint is black/green and can be applied to any surface that you wish to write on with chalk. Chalk paint however, can come in any colour and is used on wood, metal, plastic, etc! 

Why is it called "chalk paint"? Chalk paint is very matte and "chalky" in its finish. This paint is easily distressed because it sands down as chalk dust instead of chunking off like latex can do. Chalk paint can be removed with as little as water, however it adheres to pretty much any surface area.

Those most AMAZING thing about chalk paint? Wait for it....
You DON'T have to SAND or PRIME your surfaces! This saves an incredible amount of time and allows people (like me) who don't have that sort of patience, to upcycle some great pieces in a fraction of the time - not to mention using a fraction of the labour as well!

Where can you buy chalk paint?
"Official" chalk paint is marketing and sold by Annie Sloan - her colour choice and quality of paint is awesome, however pretty pricey at around $40/gallon. Although I adore her colour options, they are limited to mostly vintage tones and colours, which doesn't give a lot of options to someone who wants to paint play room furniture, for example. 

More good news! You can MAKE YOUR OWN! I personally make my own custom chalk paint using latex paint (any colour) and plaster of paris. There are lots of recipes online as to how to mix this stuff, but I mostly go by feel. You need to mix approximately 3 tbsp of plaster of paris with 2 tbsp of warm water. This gives you a thick-ish sort of mixture that is smooth and can be added directly to the paint of your choice. For this amount of plaster of paris, I would use about a cup of paint. 

More plaster of paris = chalkier/more matte paint

Keeping in mind that the grey plaster of paris mixture does impact the colour you mix it with, so you may want to mix a smaller amount with a dark colour, such as black. 

Without making this post waaaay too long, I will leave this here. Chalk paint has inspired me (and so many others) to refinish their own furniture, and I am so happy to share it with all of you. 

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Thanks for reading!

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