Tuesday, 10 December 2013

So Let's See How This Goes...

Well after months of debating, and lot's of time spent painting, I think it's about time - I am putting myself "online" in an effort to become a little more visible and perhaps help some of you with my tips along the way.

My painting obsession began over the summer when my cousin told me I HAD to look into this new thing called "chalk paint". Intrigued, I went to my good friend Google and checked out what all the hype was about. Wow, these finished pieces looked amazing! We desperately needed a dining set (we had a gaping hole in what should have been our dining area), and I knew that refinishing an older set would be our best bet.

I spent hours and hours researching different methods, and trying to find the best deal on a good quality table. I stumbled upon this awesome find for only $150! This is a solid oak table made in Canada. I also found some awesome chairs circa 1930's to complete the set:

I absolutely fell in love with furniture painting after our set was done - we now had a gorgeous dining set that was solidly made and in the style I loved - and for CHEAP! I went on to purchase a buffet for $30 that I painted to match the table (see the Before and After section for photos). 

After numerous compliments and encouragement from friends and family, I decided to try out painting some pieces to sell. I have been working hard at painting and designing unwanted pieces and I am now proud to offer a few of them for sale. I also have a number of great pieces "waiting in the wings" that I have yet to complete. 

Please take a look at the "For Sale" items and let me know if you are interested in anything! Custom work also available. 

Thanks for reading! More posts soon :)


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