Tuesday, 7 January 2014

These Definitely Aren't Cookie-Cutter!

A very nice woman inquired about purchasing the buffet I had recently finished, however, this piece was being used in our home and I wasn't sure I wanted to part with it. I did offer to search out a similar buffet and do a custom piece and she happily agreed!

So, off I went on my search, not thinking I would find anything overly similar but hopefully from the same decade. I was extremely happy to come across almost an IDENTICAL buffet to my own, the only difference was the shape of the arch on the cupboard doors. We agreed to go-ahead and I purchased the buffet and lugged it home (along with a matching hutch, but that's another story!). The client and I discussed at length what sort of style she was looking for, and what colours. She sent me photos of her space, and photos of what she liked. From that we devised a loose plan as to how I was going to achieve that look on her new buffet.

I learned from this process that, since I do everything by hand, it is near impossible to guarantee a certain finish on a wood piece. However, I am proud to say that each piece will always looks unique and I can never fully control how the paint decides to sand off, or how my rag catches this groove or that curve during the distressing or antiquing process.

The final product is the beautiful grey buffet painted in light grey chalk paint and glazed in black (which turns into a charcoal colour on the lighter grey). There was a lot of elbow grease and sanding with steel wool involved, but I am so happy with the overall finish. I have included the "before" picture to give you a comparison.

Next in line is the hutch which I am painting in a more neutral creamy colour - can't wait to show you!

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