Friday, 1 August 2014

Updated Price List!

Please see a listing of custom painting prices below...

All prices INCLUDE paint, materials, and labour

These are starting prices and may be subject to change if the piece requires extra repairs, or if it is a particularly intense finishing process.

Please send me an email (or message me on Facebook) with a photo of your specific piece and I would be happy to send an individual quote.


Nigh stands $95/each

Oversized Dressers (Chest on Chest, a lot of detailing) 235.00

Medium dresser (average tall boy/low boy) $185.00

Small dresser (3 drawer) $160.00

*Mirrors are an additional $35

 Vanity or Desk $220

Armoires (full size) $315

Bed Frames (Headboard and footboard, does not include posts or side rails)

King sized $200

Queen/Double $185

Twin  $155

Dining Tables $225

Each Additional leaf $35

Dining Chairs $65/Each (does not include upholstery but that is available)

Large Buffet (50”-60” wide) $255

Small Buffet (under 50” wide) $215

China Cabinets (one piece units) $300

Buffet and Hutch Combos (two separate units) $425


Small Coffee Table/Not a lot of detail $145

Large Coffee Table with Detailing $175

Side Tables $95 

*Kitchen Cabinets and bathroom Cabinets can also be done, please contact for a quote

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